Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday - some good meetings!

Well, it started out with a meeting with MSN Canada, wherein I talked with them about doing some activity window work with a new, and rather large, international client. Everyone left that one enthused. Then it was on to CBC to go over the pitch for the live action show Hasmi and I are working on, Second Coming. CBC’ll probably pass, but the useful thing is that I’m learning how to do a really good pitch, which is transferable to all genres including – you guessed it – animation. Then it was off to a meeting with Wowtv, who are looking at doing animated shows that would cross over into a network of dedicated screens placed in different locations in the world, that users could interact with to make more content. A very cool long term relationship is developing there, but nothing immediate. Then I had a quick call with Warner Canada, who are developing a network of premium partners to develop cel phone content for. I’m trying to position us to do specialised animation for that network. Finally, I have a call with some potential partners on that 52 x 11 TV project for an update and to figure out our next steps in trying to get that through the door. After that, it’s off to another meeting with Hasmi to talk about the next series we’re developing – live action drama.

Busy day. Good day!

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