Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back from NY and boy, are my arms...

I just got back from Kidscreen. Good conference. As always, opportunities abound, and apart from talking to some broadcasters about pitching them new series concepts, I also met with a few producers about projects. Preschool may hold a few opportunities, but the 8 to 10 market, especially in Canada, seems the place to be right now. If I realized anything this time down to Kidscreen, it's just how well known Collideascope is internationally. When I mentioned who I was with, even to people I never met before, I always got back a knowing "Ohhh", followed by the many good things people heard of us. Can't say that's a bad thing. Once again, thanks to all Collideascopers, past and present, for contributing to that reputation...

So, work wise: Still working on something that may start in March and go about 3 to 4 months, and another larger project (about a year's work) that would likely start early fall. Still no word on Johnny Test Season 4, although Season 2 has been nominated for a Shaw Rocket Prize! That's 2 nominations in less than 12 months. Plus, JT is running 5 days a week on Cartoon Network. I can't see why they wouldn't keep production going. But then, I ain't a broadcaster, am I?

On the (less interesting to most) new media front, that game for Microsoft that I mentioned last post - it's going ahead. It'll be launched in about a month. Mystery Hunters Training School has 9 scripts done now by yours truly and the lovely and talented Anne-Renee Dumont. We're going to boards and software framework now.

Follow-up to the Speed Racer job: When I was visiting Animation Collective in NY, everyone at the studio who I was introduced to was very impressed and appreciative of the assist we gave them. So, good job again, everyone!

As with all of my posts, I'm going to be obtuse and let you know that there are a few very cool potential animation service projects out there that I'm working on, but that, as usual, I can't give you any detail about. However, I can confirm to you that we will not be doing anything with a certain very nice gentleman whose initials are D.S. ;)

Till next time,