Friday, November 2, 2007

And now, for November

So, things are wrapping on Johnny Test and Delilah & Julius this month. I want to thank everyone who did such an amazing job on both shows. They really came out top notch. I’ll be seeing you all at the wrap party on the 17th.

Which begs the question; what’s next? Well, a (hopefully short) hiatus is what’s immediately next. Things are still progressing positively on the Xmas special I’ve been talking about in the last few postings. But no, that’s not all we’ve been working on. Steve’s been talking with our friends at Cookie Jar about setting up more of a consistent pipeline with them, and those talks are going well. We are also quoting on a very large show for another company (with whom we’ve worked before) that would see the studio in a 2 year cycle on that job alone. As you may guess, the larger a job is, the more complex the deal becomes, so it’s still in the quoting and negotiation stage. We also got a call from a group in England who had us quote on some commercial work. Mmmm, English pounds sterling. Drool.... Steve’s also doing some traveling next week to Australia to drum up business there with both Aussies and with other Canadians who will be on the trip.

I also just this morning got a call from an ally of ours in Montreal who’s interested in having us quote on a 26 episode show. I also got a request from a large video game publisher who’s interested in 2D animation for games they’re developing for the Nintendo DS. On the new media side, we’re also doing 2 more jobs for MSN and Ford, still waiting on word back on the Bell Fund application (it’s for a show called Mystery Hunters), and I got an interesting call from another company with whom we’ve worked before, who are interested in looking at our developing a MMOG virtual world application. Oh, and some guys in New York emailed me out of the blue as well to talk establishing a relationship to develop casual games for them.

So as usual, I must be vague. I apologize for it, but my policy has always been not to announce any deals before the cheque is in the bank. I’ve been a victim of my own enthusiasm before, and as those of you who know me know, I’m a cautious guy. Rest assured that we’re working hard on the next chapter of Collideascope, and as soon as we know more, you’ll know more as well.

I know that not many of you read this. Please let your colleagues know that I think you all rock.


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Curtis said...

You have a blog!?!
wow, It's full of so much information.