Wednesday, October 3, 2007

September down. October looms.

Well, the Bell fund proposal got done, with several sleepless nights on my part, along with some very nice creative from Anne-Renee and a welcome assist from Mirco. Between the budgeting, the scheduling, the creative, and the not knowing what the result of the proposal will be, I’ve gotta say that these proposals aren’t topping the list of my favourite things. If it goes, it’ll start in December, with the main bulk of work starting in February ‘08.

In TV land, there are a few proposals for series we’re now working on, and I’m still doing follow-up from the OIAF. The new NS provincial tax credit has certainly spurred interest in NS as a production destination. Steve’s going to be pitching that at MIPCOM and will do a Toronto trip as a follow up to pound the pavement.

On the new media front, the MSN job is taking longer than I had thought, but we’ve finished our work on the Total Drama Island website, and I’ve gotten requests for 4 more MSN jobs. Seems they like me. I knew that if I used enough Axe body spray, it would eventually pay off...

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