Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A quiet summer

So yes, things are quite quiet overall in the Canadian animation industry, and Collideascope isn't much of an exception. We found out recently that our friends at Story City, who did some amazing board work on Johnny Test, have decided to pack it in. Very sad news. I'm getting reports of far less production activity in all sectors of the country than there was last year, when you couldn't find an animator in the country for love nor money. Amazing what difference a few months makes.

We're currently working on Speed Racer until the end of August. We're busily working on getting another production through the door after that, which I won't mention until we're further down that road. These things are months to years in the making, and are often down to the wire in terms of whether they are greenlit or not. As always, getting the job in the door requires a calm demeanour, a steady hand, and a few bottles of pepto-bismol. ;)

More when I get it. Have a good summer.


Anonymous said...

so really there's going to be no season 4 of johnny test?

M-A said...

Funny enough, I've just heard yesterday that JT4 got greenlit, but I don't know who got it.