Friday, March 21, 2008

Boy oh boy, what a difference a month makes.

So, as those of you who visit the far more popular and frequently updated Collideascope Studio Blog already know, we're back on Speed Racer, helping to finish the series' other 21 episodes. This should take the studio through to end-August, albiet at a reduced staffing level than we're used to.

But I'm not resting on my laurels, dear readers. No, far from it.

I'm currently negotiating 2 other projects I'm hoping will hit the studio between July and September of this year. And, as of this week, we got a request to bid on another season of your and my favourite ADD-riddled test subject for his genius pre-teen sisters. No start date as yet - we have to get the job first - but we'll keep you posted.

I also got a request from one more colleague about putting some numbers together for a possible series, which could possibly start later on this year.

Apart from that, on the New Media front, we're still working hard on Mystery Hunters Training School and a small game called Shift that should launch in a couple of weeks.

There are some other neat things afoot, mainly from the corporate perspective, but those will be detailed in future posts when they are closer to happening. Here's hoping that we go into the summer brimming with new work and cool stuff for everyone.

All the best,

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