Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toronto - New York - Toronto

Steve did a trip last week and finally got a chance to meet with Cookie Jar up there. These things go slowly, but the meeting went well, with them expressing that our job on JT is looking really good. Thanks to everyone working on this.

I’m off to New York at the end of next week to talk things over with several players in the TV and new media industries. The it’s off to Toronto for me to hit up a few more producers in preparation for the TAC conference for the Ottawa Animation Festival at the end of October. At that point, Steve will also be doing Strategic Partners at the Atlantic Film Fest. September is festival season, which also includes the Toronto Film Festival. Much getting to know people over the next month and a bit.

There are also a few smaller potential things down the pipe, but of course, the mantra is don’t make any plans until the cheque is in the bank. ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Hmm, it’s been a little while... In the interim, the broadband animation thing has gone on hold while a few people in California do some vacationing. However the hour long special has made some progress and we’re in the process of working out budgets and schedules. The series is in a slight limbo whilst the producers work out some of the Canadian logistics of the deal. Pretty vague, eh? Unfortunately, if I named names, they’d all have to kill me....

One of the MSN jobs came through, though. Yours truly (and some experts) is going to be showing women all across America how to put their makeup on right. :) It’s a weird job, this...